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Automatic Cooking Machine

  • automatic stir fryer machine
  • automatic stir fryer machine
automatic stir fryer machineautomatic stir fryer machine

automatic stir fryer machine

  • reducing labor costs
  • cooking is faster
  • Energy saving
  • safe
  • Product description: Factory direct automatic stir fryer machine,and this automatic stir fryer machine is of high quality with a low price which can save the cooking time and costs on chef

automatic stir fryer machine features

1. Power: 5kW; Voltage: 220V, Frequency: 50Hz, Capacity: 4-6L (inclination angle 30° effective capacity)

2.7-inch multi-function touch screen, intelligent real-time voice broadcast function
3. Safety protection, with emergency stop function
4. Store 80 recipes (intelligent learning function), with 4 automatic nozzles, automatic quantitative feeding
5. One-button automatic cleaning, water gun assisted cleaning


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