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Automatic Cooking Machine

  • automatic cooking robot
automatic cooking robot

automatic cooking robot

  • reducing labor costs
  • energy saving
  • time saving
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Product description: Factory first hand automatic cooking robot,and this automatic cooking robot is of high quality with a low price which can save you a lot of cooking time
1. Saving labor, a chef can operate 3 automatic cooking machines at the same time, reducing the number of chefs, reducing labor costs by more than 60%, and increasing the speed of production by three times.
2, The cooking is faster, improve the speed and efficiency of the food production, can be fast cooked in the pot, 2 to 4 minutes to produce a dish (1 to 8 people). The taste is better, the high-powerinduction heating can instantly raise the temperature inside the pot, making the fried food more suffocating and taste better.
3, Reduce the physical strength of the chef, greatly reduce the probability of chefs suffering from occupational diseases such as shoulder inflammation, lumbar muscle strain, and ganglion cyst of the wrist.
4, Energy saving, electromagnetic heating, faster heating, lower energy consumption. Energy efficiency is more than 90%. Compared to the use of bottled gas, saving 48% of energy costs.
5, Induction heating has no fire flame, no gas leakage, no burning and explosion hazard. Reduce the safety risks of catering companies.
6. The unique structural design avoids the risk of operator injury caused by accidental spillage of dishes during the process of cooking.
7, It will not heat the air, so the kitchen temperature is reduced, chef will no longer sweating, improve the working environment.
8. The whole machine has no pipeline exposed. Easy to clean and maintain. All 304 sheets, the machine has a longer service life.


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