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Automatic Cooking Machine

  • automated cooking machine
  • automated cooking machine
automated cooking machineautomated cooking machine

automated cooking machine

  • reducing labor costs
  • save time
  • Energy saving
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Product description: Factory first hand automated cooking machine,and this automated cooking machine mainly used in large cantens like restaurant and schools which is of high quality with a low cost

automated cooking machine Features

1.It is made of thickened stainless steel body, which is easy to clean, and its design and structural characteristics meet the health standards.
2.3D body anti-radiation shield design, stronger anti-electromagnetic interference.
3.The bottom of the microcrystalline pot adopts a high-temperature heat-insulation coating to prevent the heat insulation and completely solve the problem of high-temperature frying.
4.The heating cooker is not in contact with the microcrystalline pot, which prevents the microcrystalline pot from breaking during operation and makes the product safer.
5.The automatic identification function of the iron pan can conduct heat more evenly.
6.Adopting the most advanced electromagnetic induction heating technology to allow the pot to be heated directly and evenly quickly, and the intelligent zero-waiting technology for tossing the pot,
Realize the technology of Ming Pan toss and fry.
7.Automated cookware detection function, safe and energy-saving.
8.Use the German original imported "infineon" IGBT heating module to have a longer service life.
9.The core of the control system adopts all-digital control technology imported from Germany into the industry.
10.The movement adopts modular design for easy maintenance.
11.Isolated induction heating, safe and reliable, saving more than 60% fuel oil.
12.Anti-rotation 360° rotation 8-position magnetic induction switch, can cook beautifully with low power or fast 


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