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The advantages of automatic cooking machines

Schools, factories and other large canteens are popularizing automatic cooking machines

In the era of rapid development of automation, elevators have replaced us for walking, and washing machines have replaced us for washing clothes. Now even cooking is being robbed by machines. Now more and more schools and factory canteens use automatic cooking machines to stir up vegetables. The chef in the canteen said that during the peak of the meal, the automatic cooking machine can be used to cook food in 30 seconds. The automatic cooking machine not only saves manpower in the restaurant , 30 seconds of cooking time saves the chef a lot of time.

The automatic cooking machine allows many people who do not know how to cook to eat hot meals. As long as the ingredients are cleaned and put into the cooking machine, adding appropriate seasonings, you can complete a stir-fry like cooking rice. For families with children who can’t cook, parents can finally let their children eat fresh meals instead of having them eat instant noodles and hot leftovers. Or, office workers who work late at night are dragging their tired bodies. Many restaurants have closed their stores and are too tired to cook. They can also use the cooking machine to cook and have a bite of warm meal in the cold night.

It is not difficult to see that the principle of the automatic cooking machine is actually not difficult. Put a stirrer on the lid, put the raw materials and auxiliary materials into the pot for heating, the stirrer stirs, instead of manual stir-frying, a stir-fry is completed.

You may be curious that such a small cooking machine, no matter how efficient it is, it is still very troublesome to cook food in one pot. But in places with high production demand, everyone will use the large-scale industrialized automatic cooking machine as shown in the picture for production. The processing time is short and the processing output is large, which brings a lot of convenience to major kitchens. Students and workers no longer have to worry about not being able to grab a meal. For  fast food shops, this cooking machine is more meaningful. Every dish is already prepared. With the reserve, the cooking machine can keep going For cooking, don’t worry about shortage.

In fact, the automatic cooking machine is nothing new. In many fast food restaurants, the back kitchen only processes the delivered semi-finished products. Maybe the dishes you eat are already cooked, just put some seasonings in the pan in the back kitchen, and the proportions of the dishes will not change. The delivered semi-finished products are made in the factory using food processing machines such as automatic cooking machines.

advantages of automatic cooking machines

The automatic cooking machine obviously frees hands and saves labor. Since its launch, the automatic cooking machine has received more and more attention and has become more and more popular in major commercial kitchens because the automatic cooking machine has advantages that traditional chefs can’t compare:

1. Reduce high labor costs

Now chef wages and labor costs are getting higher and higher, and it's getting harder and harder to hire good chefs. However, the automatic cooking machine does not need to be supervised by a special person. It only needs to put the prepared main ingredients, spreading materials and condiments all at once. After setting the program, the cooking process is automatically carried out without the need for special staff to stir and watch. In addition, it can also avoid the difficult management of chefs, the large flow of chefs, and the possibility of leave and resignation at any time.

2. Energy saving and high efficiency

The automatic cooking machine uses electromagnetic induction heating, and the thermal efficiency is as high as 93%, which saves 30-60% waste compared with traditional open flame cookers.

3.avoid unstable taste

Traditional cooking by chefs will result in a large difference in the taste of each dish with the flow of the population and changes in the chef's mood, which makes it impossible to stabilize customers. However, the taste of the dishes cooked by the automatic cooking machine is relatively stable, which can capture customers well.

4.safety and environmental protection

The automatic cooking machine adopts advanced electromagnetic induction heating technology, no open flame, no combustion exhaust gas, zero emission, and it can still be as clean as new after years of use.

5. intelligent and precise

Adopting advanced technology and conceptual design, the machine automatically adjusts time, heat, stir-fry, feed, automatic pour, and automatic pot washing. The powerful intelligent learning function can record and learn the cooking skills of the chef. Intelligent temperature control, constant temperature heating and cooking, real-time monitoring to ensure good production.

6. Reduce the serving time and improve the efficiency of cooking

Traditional cook cooking procedures are cumbersome, every time you put ingredients and seasonings, you need to be cautious, and the boiler temperature cannot be stable, resulting in a long cooking time. The automatic cooking machine can avoid these shortcomings and improve the color efficiency.


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