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9QR Smart cooking Co., Ltd. is dedicated to R&D and manufacturing of high-end, intelligent commercial automatic cooking equipment. Focusing on high-end technology research on intelligent kitchens and automatic cooking machines, we have domestic top intelligent equipment & dishes research and development experts, have established cooking robot laboratories, dishes research and development laboratories, and jointly carry out research on kitchen intelligence and catering standardization. The company has obtained a number of product certifications and honors, and its technology and products are in a leading position worldwide.

our products are based on automatic cooking machines, including intelligent cooking, intelligent washing and cutting, automatic cleaning and other products. It is the first comprehensive solution for domestic intelligent kitchens and is a leading international restaurant intelligent solution provider. The company already has a large number of mature customers, including large listed companies, government canteens, chain fast food industry, education system and other fields.
Some of the automatic cooking machines currently developed and produced by 9QR have been sold well in domestic and foreign markets and are well received by users. The company is committed to how smart kitchen equipment can be more energy-efficient, safer, more environmentally friendly, smarter, more efficient, and save chefs/labor... It will continue to innovate to improve traditional catering cooking equipment, and strive to become an expert in commercial smart cooking equipment to serve the global catering industry.

The future development trend of smart cooking industry

1. Smart cooking machine companies continue to upgrade product technology

User experience is crucial to the development of the smart cooking machine industry. A good user experience will enhance the reputation of the smart automatic cooking machine market and help expand the customer base of the smart cooking machine. In order to enhance the consumer product experience, smart cooking machine companies will continue to optimize the smart cooking machine system and upgrade product technology. In the future, smart cooking machine companies will take user experience as the core, continuously optimize the smart cooking machine system, upgrade product technology, realize the needs of users for convenient and fast operation of the smart cooking machine, and improve the practicality of smart cooking machine products to improve user stickiness and market Competitiveness.

2. Diversified business development of smart cooking machine enterprises

As residents' spending power continues to rise, consumer demand has gradually diversified. In order to improve the market competitiveness of products, smart cooking machine companies are actively developing diversified businesses, such as smart soy milk maker, smart steam cooking machine, smart integrated stove, gas water heater, multi-function dishwasher, air fryer, yogurt machine, multi-function Egg cooker and so on. The market for China's smart cooking machine industry is fierce. Through diversified business development, smart cooking machine companies can meet the diverse needs of consumers, expand their customer base, and further enhance their core competitiveness.

3. Brands will become an important basis for consumers to purchase smart cooking machines

The development process of automatic cooker industry is short, government departments have not yet issued specific regulatory policies, and market competition is disorderly. A large number of smart cooking machine brands in the market have poor quality, functional practicability and after-sales service attitudes, and consumer rights are difficult to obtain Guarantee, resulting in frequent occurrences of smart cooking machine product damage, poor functional practicability, and difficulty in safeguarding consumer rights. Under this circumstance, consumers pay more and more attention to the product quality, functional practicability and after-sales service attitude of the smart cooking machine when purchasing the smart cooking machine, and brand companies are therefore favored by consumers.

With the continuous development of smart cooking machines, smart cooking machine companies continue to upgrade product technology, diversify their business, and brands will become an important basis for consumers to purchase smart cooking machines


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