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Robot kitchen

The research of robot kitchen has a long history, but the real success of the technological revolution may be in the current Western developed countries, especially Japan. People have developed daily foods that can make okonomiyaki, octopus balls, ramen and other daily foods Robot chef. In the near future, robot kitchen are expected to replace housewives and cook three meals a day for the family.

Automatic cooking robots can quickly learn and master the cooking skills of excellent chefs. The "craftsmanship" can be comparable to celebrity chefs. In 2008, a chef robot was born in the laboratory in Lausanne, Switzerland. It can make omelets and know how to fry. Gruyère cheese is the first choice for egg rolls. This omelet has a similar appearance to Pillsbury Doughboy. In the same year, at the Creative Industries Museum in Osaka, Japan, a robot made small octopus balls. From grasping to cooking, the chef’s turban was wrapped around the upper part of its components, and it was dancing in air. In June 2009, at the Tokyo International Food Machinery and Technology Expo, a robot with broad shoulders used a spatula to make okonomiyaki for visitors; another robot made sushi with a frighteningly real hand; and A robot slices cucumbers at an inhuman speed, and occasionally complains about being too tired at work and wants to go home. A month later, in Nagoya, Japan, Famen restaurant with a robot as a chef opened. The two huge yellow robot arms in the store prepare as many as 800 bowls of ramen in a day. In the midst of cooking ramen, the robot can also perform choreographed comedy actions, or practice boxing, which can be regarded as a small show for customers.

After the World Expo, "robot chef cooking" was introduced into this restaurant in the City of Taste. After a period of cooking demonstrations, it was affirmed by many diners. It can be used for 8 dishes, such as Shrimp and Egg, Mapo Tofu, Kung Pao Chicken and so on. The restaurant manager said that these are dishes frequently ordered by customers. The ingredients are prepared by the staff in advance, and the preparations before cooking are done. After clicking the remote control, a finished dish can be out of the pot in two minutes, and then the dish is placed on the plate. If this cooking robot is promoted, it can also involve cutting vegetables, side dishes, washing dishes and other fields, which can save labor costs. In addition, the kitchen no longer has oily fumes, and it is enough to simply clean it after a day's work.
In the future, ordering food and eating, you only need to walk downstairs in the community, which is as convenient as withdrawing money from an ATM. The appearance is very similar to the "automated unmanned kitchen" of an ATM teller machine, which is an "upgraded version" of the cooking robot. As long as the chef puts the ingredients and ingredients into the machine in advance, the robot chef will start to "work" according to the set program under the instructions of the consumer to order.
A plate of stir-fried dishes can be brought out by the robot chef within the prescribed time and placed in front of you. Robot chefs can not only make staple foods such as noodles, wontons, dumplings, rice noodles, etc., a cold dish machine can make several different cold dishes at a time. Among the eight major cuisines in China, for each cuisine, through computer settings, the robot chef can cook a variety of dishes. Researchers and designers say that in order to keep the ingredients fresh, there is also a small refrigerator inside the machine.
Many citizens at the scene have tasted the sour and spicy cucumber, pineapple cool and fried fish fillet made by the robot. The taste is really good. It is understood that this is the result of the scientific and technological revolution of the "unmanned kitchen" of Chinese food, and it was publicly unveiled at the food tourism festivals in Shanghai and Beijing waiting for the big cities. Robot chefs are negotiating with distributors, and the future trend is to walk into community streets. By then, residents will be able to order meals as fast and convenient as withdrawing money from ATM machines.

9QR Robot Kitchen

9QR robotic kitchen system. This system can achieve a fully automated cooking experience.It is equipped with artificial intelligence, especially to replace expensive labor, accurately produce food in large quantities at the same time. In addition, the 9QR also plans to add a vision system to make the robotic arm smarter and able to discern whether the correct ingredients are put in, instead of duplicating actions brainlessly, so as to achieve safer and more reliable operations. Ultimately, the vision of 9QR is that users can download recipes from the digital store and make food quickly and easily through the robot kitchen. At least from the current experience, the meat soup made by the 9QR robot kitchen is very delicious.


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