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9qr Smart cooking is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to R&D, production, and manufacturing of high-end, intelligent commercial automatic cooking equipment. Since its establishment, the company has been guided by the standardization and intensification of catering products, focusing on the development and production: automatic cooking and cooking robots for global catering; automatic cooking machines for college group meals; large automatic cooking machines, large automatic frying pans, and large automatic Pressure cooker, automatic blanching machine/blanching machine, automatic fryer and other intelligent commercial kitchen cooking equipment; accept all commercial intelligent cooking equipment customization.

At the same time, 9qr is also a professional manufacturer and service provider of intelligent oil fume purification treatment solutions. The intelligent integrated oil fume purification equipment currently developed and produced has reached the domestic advanced level. It has intelligent frequency conversion control, compact structure, small space occupation, easy installation, good purification effect, and can reach Visually check the smoke-free level. 9qr intelligent oil fume purification equipment has served many large-scale restaurant kitchens around the world, purifying the exhaust fumes of the back kitchen, and solving the problem of catering oil fume emission treatment.

Some of the automatic cookers developed and produced by 9qr have been sold well in domestic and foreign markets, and are well received by users. How can automatic cooking equipment be more energy-efficient, safer, environmentally friendly, intelligent, efficient, humane, standardized, and save chefs/labor...9qr will continue to innovate to improve traditional Chinese cooking equipment, and strive to become an expert in intelligent cooking equipment and serve global restaurants , Let more catering like "McDonald's", copy quickly, open stores worldwide!


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